Choosing your photographer is a big decision. I am sure you have so many questions running through your head. I decided to help answer some questions before you even contact me. Below you will find a few questions that we get often. Feel free to read through the questions and answers.

If you are still curious about anything else please contact me:


Do you have a backup plan if you are ill or can not make it?

I always have a backup plan. I go over your details and timeline with the second shooter ahead of time so we are both on the same page. I have a third shooter as a backup plan for all weddings. If myself or the second shooter can not attend your wedding I would let you know asap. The third shooter would then step in. The second/third shooters are typically other photographers I work with throughout the year so I am very comfortable trusting them to step in. I would then still edit and deliver your images.

How does payment work?  Do you allow a payment plan?  When is final payment due? 

A non-refundable $500 retainer is due with a signed contract to hold your date. The second payment of $1500 is due 6 months prior to you event. The final payment is due 2 weeks prior to your wedding. You also have the option to set up a payment plan as well.

Will you visit the venue prior to the day of (if you haven’t been there before)?

I like to set up our planning meeting and do a venue walkthrough the same day as well. We can go meet and discuss any location details beforehand. If it wouldn't work out with our schedules I sometimes go by myself, have you send me photos or I just show up early to look around and get prepared. 

Would you post our photos on your site? 

That is 100% up to you. In the contract you are signing you agree I have model rights to share and post images BUT if you would like your images or gallery kept private I would just need you to put that in writing. I would never share anything you do not want on the internet. Typically couples do not mind sharing their images. I usually post a few previews within the first two days after your wedding. Again, it's totally up to you. 

What is your approach when shooting a wedding? 

That is a pretty lengthy answer. We go over everything at your planning meeting. We talk about your wants, needs, and do not's. Not every wedding is going to be the same or have the same vibe so I really try to work with you to find out the most important events during the day. The most important parts to the wedding are you and your groom, family and love. My biggest goal over the next year will be to connect with you guys and build a relationship with you. I want to create your images to reflect on your personalities and be as natural as they can be.

Do you work from a shot list? 

At your planning meeting we will go over a list of photos that I typically shoot during your day. It includes all the things that are going on in my brain the day of. Then we will discuss other images that are must haves. I do not want you or anyone else on your wedding day to sit there and wonder if I got this image or that.

Can I request certain photos be taken? 

Yes, to some extend. Not all your pinterest dreams are going to be possible and come true. It all depends on the timeline, location, lighting etc.. But I will be more than willing to make anything happen.

How do you back up your photos, do you bring extra equipment, and do you shoot with two camera cards?

We have backup equipment with us so if one camera would break we have another. I typical shoot with two cameras in certain situations and then have a third camera body in the car. We also have 2 SD cards in our cameras through the day that back up each other. All images will be duplicated when you day is over. So if ever a card would fail we have a back up. I then back up on the cloud, 2 hard drives, and one hard drive is in our safe. So even after the wedding day your images are backed up.

How many photos could I expect to receive? 

That depends on the number of hours, travel time, locations and what events are most important to you. If you choose 10 hours so you will receive anywhere from 1000-1500 photos or more but I do not 100% guarantee any number of images. I try to give you an estimate therefore, I tell brides to estimate 75-100 edited images per hour. I go through all the images and pick out the good the bad and the ugly. If we are given enough time for certain events through the day you will receive tons of photos because we will constantly be shooting. I typically take 3500 for an 8 hour day which includes lots of good, bad and ugly then narrow it down to the best images and edit color and black and white for the final gallery. 

How long until I receive photos? 

You will receive previews within the first few days, then as I edit you will see photos uploaded to your gallery. Your gallery can be public, private or password protected. A gallery is typically finished within 6 weeks but depending on how busy I am it can take up to 8-10 weeks. I tell brides to try and be patient as I want to make sure I deliver all the best images. Since you are getting sneak peeks every week most brides are ok with waiting if they have to. 

Do you give us any sneak peaks between the “day of” and the expected time for them to be completed? 

That would depend on the timeline and order of events. Most of the time I would rather spend my time capturing your day and get the photos backed up properly before quickly editing images at the reception. If this is something you want for like a DJ projector I would be able to offer this. We would just have to discuss how many and when. Otherwise, like I said you will receive sneak peeks a few days later and as I edit I will upload more. Some couples wake up to photos!

What kind of editing do you do? 

I edit as natural as I can. I don't fall into the moody or light and airy trend. I want your images to represent a vibrant true to color image but I may add some warmth here and there. All of the work on my website or recent galleries are very consistent so you can get the best idea.

How do you dress? 

We usually wear all black or more neutral tones. Jumpsuits are my jam! We have to dress comfortable because the nature of the job but we also want to look professional. We also do not want to stick out in a crazy color or pattern either. Do not be surprised if we have to out on our comfy tennis shoes or rain boots.

What is your refund/cancellation policy? 

The retainer is non-refundable. The contract explains the cancellation policy more in depth. If you are interested in booking you will be emailed a contract to review.

Do you offer assistance with creating a “day of” timeline? 

Yes we schedule a planning meeting to go over your timeline. I also will send example timelines 4-6 month prior. 

Do you carry liability insurance and does it cover your assistant? 

Yes. We both have liability insurance so we are covered. 

Do you shoot digitally, with film, or both? 




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