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I am Chelsea the Owner of c.lynn photography. I focus on Fine Art Wedding Photography. You may be wondering what that means? I look at your session or wedding day in a different way than your guest. Whether it may be the lighting, location, angle, I have a vision for an image I take. I capture an image and edit an image with the hopes that you will print that image to display on your walls like a work of art. Sure, that all may sound silly but that is why I am the professional and look at photography in a different way than others.

Now you are probably wondering how long I have done this or how I got started? I originated my business in Ohio in 2014 & expanded my business to the Illinois and Wisconsin area in 2017. I have 10+ years experience in photography and have been specializing in weddings for 8+ years. I shoot about 25-30 weddings a year and I pride myself on building relationships with my clients vs. booking all the weddings possible. I make sure I am here for you while planning and take the time to get to know you as a couple. Whether we meet for coffee or at a brewery I want to make you feel comfortable with me.

I want this experience to benefit you and make it the best it can be. If you think about your wedding day, you will spend more time with your photographer than anyone else. I like to say we become "professional best friends."

More about me below..

More about Chelsea:

I graduated with my BFA in 2013 with a concentration in printmaking & minor in photography. I spent a few years exploring the event world. During and after college I lived in Cincinnati and Dayton for 8 years. I am really close with my family and love visiting my family in Yellow Springs & the brewery.

I met my husband while I was a photographer at a wedding in 2015. His friend was in the Air-force and stationed at Wright Patt AF and my sorority sister got married in October 2015. We did long distance for almost 2 years! If it wasn’t for the couple getting married I never would of met my soulmate.

In 2017 we moved to Lake Geneva. We bought our first home and there is always a project to be done. 2020 was a very exciting year for us. We are celebrating our second wedding anniversary in April and welcomed our first child, Blake, in July. Fast forward to 2022- we now have our twins Logan & Sophia. My hands are always full and my free time is very limited.

If I don't have a wedding, a session or visiting OH you will find us at a brewery and probably eating from a food truck.

I love to binge watch New Girl, Friends or Fixer Upper.

So that's a little about me. Let's schedule a session so I can learn more about you!!!!


Robin & Henry

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"If you’re looking for the perfect photographer for your big day, Chelsea is the one! She is so personable and fun that she even made my husband feel comfortable in front of the camera (a hard task to master). I had absolutely no worries for how our wedding day would go with Chelsea as our photographer - she was able to corral our large wedding party and our family for the most perfect photos, and captured the smallest details that I never would have thought to ask for."

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